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  • #myvoice Vol5



    #Myvoice Vol5. A collective memoir by women of substance, published with Global Influencers Publishing House.

    The book is based on women from all over the world who have found some inspiration in their lives and sharing their learnings.

    My chapter also shares a story about my inspiration to open Tidi Consulting.

    •#myvoice Vol5 is available on AMAZON Global!


  • About

    Tidi Consulting is a holistic brand enhancement  boutique agency that tailor makes communication campaigns and solutions for startups, as well as influencers who are looking to embark on a journey to further express their brand.


    It's all about brand refresh and enhancement!! Having a holistic approach to looking at all channels of communication to boost your brand and story.



    We take your vision and mission to bring your brand alive!

    We get to the why?

    We socialise your brand!

    Brand Refresh!!

    Sometimes all you need is a brand Refresh!!




    One on One analysis on your company or brand vision and goal

    Brand Communication planning for 6 to 12 months (Tissue Session)

    Media outreach tailored for your brand and messaging

    Social media outreach,influencer outreach,engagement and content creation

    Activations/event concepts creation to enhance your communication plan

    Reputation Management consulting for your market and industry

    Media Training

  • Monthly Vlogs- Something to think about!!

    Just what you need to keep moving!

    Coming Soon

  • Tidimalo Shabalala - Founder of  Tidi Consulting


    I come bearing many life-altering experiences that have inspired me to create a connection to educate and inform through Social Innovation. Communication is the most powerful way to enlighten people and exchange information.

    In the past 12 years of my career, what I have come to realize is that sometimes it is not broken, or stuck! just a little twist and refresh can uplift a brand.


    Small SMEs and Influencers have the potential to create big brands. This can be done so with the help of brand enhancement and support with an understanding of a comprehensive approach to communication. Tidi Consulting tailor makes communication concepts that are best suited for each client to own their brands and have an edge in the market.


    Professional Experience:

    I have over 10 years of working experience in South Africa as a PR Consultant. Some of the leading agencies that I have been fortunate to be part of are Fleishman Hillard SA, Ogilvy&Mather SA, Magna Carta, and other small agencies.


    My expertise in creating and launching PR campaigns is across different clients such as Samsung Africa, LG SA, Lesotho Tourism, Standard Bank sponsorship, and the South African National Film and Video Foundation.




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